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  • Sweet And Deliciously Soft: If you're a fan of jams, jellies & sweet spreads, this tropical fruit delicacy is for you! Our guava fruit jam is a tasty experience directly from the tropics to your palate
  • Made With Real Guava: This fruit jam can elevate whatever you spread it on! Perfect for cheese or pastries, our all-natural guava fruits spread adds richness and guava flavor to all your favorites
  • Bring On The Pastelitos De Guayaba: Our guava jam is the perfect ingredient for this family favorite! Enrich your baking with this all-natural guava filling for pastries, and spread the sweetness!
  • Pairable With Anything: From sweet Latin-American treats to charcuterie and cheese boards, our guava jelly fruit is as delicious with savory crackers as it is with a glass of milk for dessert. Try our guava paste in endless different ways!
  • Tradition And Shared Sweetness: Guava sweets have been part of the Latin American culture, where guava jam and guava jelly have been used in delicacies for centuries

Colombina Guava Fruit Spread - 1 Pack (21 Oz)

SKU: 7702097230218

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