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POPULAR AND TRADITIONAL: Iberia Guava Paste is a very thick, purée of Guava Fruit. It is stiff and dense, almost like a fruit leather, but still soft and easily cut with a knife
VERSATILE USES: It is very good on top of cheese, cream cheese or cheddar: in Cuba, cheese and guava paste is a traditional way to end dinner. It can be also be used as a filling in baked goods
HEALTHY FRUIT: Guavas are related to eucalypts. The thin skinned fruit can pucker your mouth if it is not quite ripe but it delivers vitamin C with a punch - 7 times the daily quota in a 100g serving - as well as vitamin A
A PERFECT PARTNER FOR CHEESE: A perfect partner to cheese, Iberia Guava Paste is simply delicious served as an accompaniment to cheese platters and is easy to slice for attractive presentation
ENDLESS POSSIBILITES: Whether enjoyed as a condiment, spread or addition to sweet and savoury recipes, Iberia Guava Paste brings the vibrant flavours of Brazil to any dish

Iberia Guava Paste, 14 oz

SKU: 075669175024

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